The Statuettes album release date + shows

Hey everybody, The Statuettes new record (Modern Despondence) is completed, and will be officially released on August 26th. You will be able to download it at all of your favorite digital download stores, or you can grab a physical CD copy at a live show. The band will also be playing a special album release show in Ogden, Utah on the rooftop of Alleged to celebrate (also August 26th). The show is free to the public, and free of charge. Mark your calendars. 

The band has released a single from the new album which you can listen to here:

Hope to see you on August 26th at Alleged!

New Statuettes record getting closer to completion

Hey friends, just a little update on the new Statuettes full length album. The mixing should be completed this month, and the band is looking at a tentative release date in late August. If you didn't know, this record was done a little differently than previous ones. The idea was to get together on different occasions without any pre-conceived ideas, and see if a song could be written from scratch in a small period of time (usually around 2 hours or so.) It actually went surprisingly well, and I dare say this is the best material the band has produced to date. The moral of the story? Don't think too much I guess. Produced and recorded by Jon Siebels (Eve 6) in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, this is a release you should anticipate. 


Welcome to the new site. We're all glad you came. Take a look around and see what you think. The new Statuettes record is still in the mixing stages, and is about 70% done I would estimate. We hope to get that wrapped up in the first part of July. 

The Let's Become Actors tune "Christmas Time" has been requested for use in the upcoming film: The Headhunters Calling (starring Gerard Butler, Willem Dafoe, and many other top notch actors). Look for that later this year. LBA is also working on some new music this summer, so keep your eye out for that. Yes, just one eye. 

I suppose that's it for now. Be sure to follow The Statuettes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as we have been posting a lot of content lately (rehearsals, live performances etc.)