February 2018

Looks like I skipped January entirely. Whoops. You're here now, and that's all that matters. Whisperhawk just released a brand new single called "Bear River." It was written in regards to the Bear River Massacre which took place among the Northwestern Band of Shoshone in 1863. Look it up if you need context. It's available for free download on whisperhawk.bandcamp.com or you can find it on all the other music services as well.

The next release is from Let's Become Actors. The collaboration project of myself and friend Matt Glass. We just released a 3-song EP called "One More Night." Pretty different from our other stuff. Hope you like robot voices and synthesizers. It's also available for free download at letsbecomeactors.bandcamp.com and will be available everywhere else in a matter of days.

As always, follow me on Instagram @michaelgrossforever, Twitter @whisperhawk1, or anywhere else you can find me.