Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP (coming September 8th)

You read that correctly. The planned release date for the Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP is September 8th. It will be available for digital purchase at all of your favorite places, AND there will be a limited run of full color CD's complete with artwork in a Digipak. Those will be available for purchase at live shows AND at . I'll most likely celebrate this with a live streaming performance via Facebook and/or Instagram, so let's make sure we all follow each other okay? Deal. 

If I may be serious for a moment, I just want you to know that two of the new songs on Deluxe EP are two of my favorite that I've ever written. In any of my projects. The production is spot-on, and I'm very proud of them. Just in case you needed a little incentive to purchase a copy.

Good Day sir!