August 2017

Hey friends. It looks like some Whisperhawk shows are starting to happen. Check the "shows" section to see where I'll be, and when I'll be there. Whisperhawk merchandise is starting to surface as well. You can now get the first ever Whisperhawk t-shirt by going to and placing an order. Most orders come with a special surprise directly from me, so what are you waiting for? In addition to the t-shirt, some physical CD copies of the forthcoming "Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP" are being printed as we speak. It contains 4 new songs in addition to the original 5 that were released back in June. YOU WANT TO HAVE THIS. 

As if that all wasn't enough, The Statuettes now have some physical merchandise for sale (CD's and T-shirts) on their website as well. Just go to to see what we have to offer. Quantities are limited, so act quickly.

Have a good August, and I hope to see you at some Whisperhawk shows.