Good Ol' Fashioned American release date

Hey there. Hope you're well. The debut Whisperhawk EP "Good Ol' Fashioned American" will be officially released June 2nd at all the major digital retailers (itunes, amazon, google, spotify, youtube etc.) In addition, I'll be playing these songs via a live stream on the Whisperhawk facebook page AND my Instagram page @michaelgrossforever. June 2nd, 9pm, MST. Tune in, and spread the word. 

New single from Whisperhawk

Hey. My new solo project Whisperhawk just released it's very first single, and it's available NOW for free download. You can get it at a couple of different spots: or

The rest of the tunes will be released at a later date. I'll keep you updated. Hope you enjoy it. Seacrest out.



April 2017

Wow, I guess it's been a minute. I really have no excuse other than I've been focused on writing and recording a brand new 5 song EP under a new name I like to call Whisperhawk. There it is. The cat's out of the bag. 4 of the 5 songs are mixed, and then they will be mastered. After that, they will be your to keep. Stay tuned for more info. 

Also, you may follow me on social media (if you wish) Twitter: @mg4realz, and Instagram: @michaelgrossforever are probably the most appropriate. Talk soon!