February 2018

Looks like I skipped January entirely. Whoops. You're here now, and that's all that matters. Whisperhawk just released a brand new single called "Bear River." It was written in regards to the Bear River Massacre which took place among the Northwestern Band of Shoshone in 1863. Look it up if you need context. It's available for free download on whisperhawk.bandcamp.com or you can find it on all the other music services as well.

The next release is from Let's Become Actors. The collaboration project of myself and friend Matt Glass. We just released a 3-song EP called "One More Night." Pretty different from our other stuff. Hope you like robot voices and synthesizers. It's also available for free download at letsbecomeactors.bandcamp.com and will be available everywhere else in a matter of days.

As always, follow me on Instagram @michaelgrossforever, Twitter @whisperhawk1, or anywhere else you can find me.

December 2017

My...my...where has the time gone? Happy holidays to you. Whisperhawk has just released a new and original Christmas song entitled: Christmas with Mr. K. You can download the song on all the major digital music sites, or you can download it for free by going to the music section of this website and clicking the "Whisperhawk" banner. The choice is yours, and I would never try and tell you how to live your life. If you dig it, please spread the word. Keep your eyes on the "shows" section of this web page as well, as Whisperhawk will be booking some new live performances in the coming weeks. Take care of yourself, and here's to a better 2018.

October 2017

Hey. Whisperhawk has released some new music recently that you should check out. The Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP which contains 4 brand new songs is available for download everywhere that you can download music, and most recently the "Live From My Basement" recordings are available for FREE download exclusively at www.whisperhawkmusic.com 

In addition to the new tunes, Whisperhawk has added some new shows. Check out the "Shows" section of this website for show details.



Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP (coming September 8th)

You read that correctly. The planned release date for the Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP is September 8th. It will be available for digital purchase at all of your favorite places, AND there will be a limited run of full color CD's complete with artwork in a Digipak. Those will be available for purchase at live shows AND at www.whisperhawkmusic.com . I'll most likely celebrate this with a live streaming performance via Facebook and/or Instagram, so let's make sure we all follow each other okay? Deal. 

If I may be serious for a moment, I just want you to know that two of the new songs on Deluxe EP are two of my favorite that I've ever written. In any of my projects. The production is spot-on, and I'm very proud of them. Just in case you needed a little incentive to purchase a copy.

Good Day sir!

August 2017

Hey friends. It looks like some Whisperhawk shows are starting to happen. Check the "shows" section to see where I'll be, and when I'll be there. Whisperhawk merchandise is starting to surface as well. You can now get the first ever Whisperhawk t-shirt by going to www.whisperhawkmusic.com and placing an order. Most orders come with a special surprise directly from me, so what are you waiting for? In addition to the t-shirt, some physical CD copies of the forthcoming "Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe EP" are being printed as we speak. It contains 4 new songs in addition to the original 5 that were released back in June. YOU WANT TO HAVE THIS. 

As if that all wasn't enough, The Statuettes now have some physical merchandise for sale (CD's and T-shirts) on their website as well. Just go to www.thestatuettes.com to see what we have to offer. Quantities are limited, so act quickly.

Have a good August, and I hope to see you at some Whisperhawk shows.